Three Bottle Applicator Set - Alkaline Structured Silver Solution

Three Bottle Applicator Set

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This is a great applicator set for using silver solutions in a variety of ways. Included in this set are:
  • Fine Mist Sprayer
  • Nasal Atomizer
  • Eye/Ear Dropper

Fine Mist Sprayer – Utilize the fine mist sprayer to spray liquid silver onto cuts/scrapes or sunburns, or to apply silver to the back of the throat. There are a variety of uses for this convenient applicator. Great for travel!

Nasal Atomizer – Fill the nasal atomizer with silver and insert into nostril. Gently breathe in while depressing the atomizer to release silver into the nose. The silver will help coat and lubricate the nasal cavities.

Eye/Ear Dropper – Use the eye and ear dropper to deliver more calculated amounts of silver.

This kit is an essential must have for anyone using silver solution!